Sensing without Seeing

Exploring Solutions for the Machine
Vision Data Privacy Challenge


Peter Corcoran

School of Electrical Engineering, University of Galway 

Muhammad Ali Farooq

School of Electrical Engineering, University of Galway

Waseem Shariff

School of Electrical Engineering, University of Galway 


2 hours


In today’s world of Smart-Homes and Cities we are constantly being observed by Machine Vision systems. But increasingly data privacy regulations are being applied which restrict the potential to apply new computer vision technologies. In part this is due to the broad interpretation of personally identifiable data (PID) by the EU GDPR regulations. In a nutshell, any biometric that can be determined from image or video data is considered as PID.  Finding practical and working solutions to the Data Privacy challenge are very important and this conference session plans to explore some new technology solutions. 

Example research topics suitable for inclusion in this special session include (but are not limited to): 

Submission Instructions

Submission to the workshop follows the same procedures as for main conference papers. This workshop supports both ordinary and short paper submissions.  please select the specific Special Session name you are interested in the "additional questions" part of the submission. Please note that submission dates are the same as per the main conference schedule.