Data-Driven Autonomy

Navigating the Future of AI in Autonomous Driving


Ganesh Sistu

Valeo Vision Systems & University of Limerick 

Ihsan Ullah

Insight SFI Research Center for Data Analytics, University of Galway 

Arindam Das

Valeo India & University of Limerick 

Prasad Deshpande

Valeo Vision Systems 

Nivedita Tripathi

Valeo Vision Systems 

Dara Molloy

Valeo Vision Systems & Univeristy of Galway

Sunil Chandra

Valeo Vision Systems 

Anusha Manila


2 hours


This special session invites novel research in the field of autonomous driving, emphasizing the transformative role of computer vision, trajectory prediction, NLP+vision fusion, foundation models, and innovative perception applications. As the automotive industry accelerates towards a future of self-driving vehicles, the integration of advanced AI technologies becomes paramount in addressing the complex challenges of navigation, safety, and human-machine interaction. This session aims to showcase cutting-edge developments that push the boundaries of what's possible in autonomous driving, fostering a multidisciplinary dialogue among researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders. We encourage submissions that explore novel methodologies, algorithms, and systems that enhance the perception, decision-making, and situational awareness of autonomous vehicles. Join us in steering the conversation on how AI-driven technologies can reshape the future of transportation, making it safer, more efficient, and universally accessible.


Recent Advancements in Perception & Planning

Dr. Andrei BURSUC
Deputy Scientific Director at, Paris, France

Andrei Bursuc is a Research Scientist and Deputy Scientific Director at and a Research Associate at Inria (Astra project team) in Paris, France. He completed his PhD at Mines Paris in 2012. He was a postdoc researcher at Inria Rennes (LinkMedia team) and Paris (Willow team). In 2016, he moved to industry at SafranTech to pursue research on autonomous systems. His current research interests concern computer vision and deep learning, in particular, the reliability of deep neural networks and learning with limited supervision.

Generative AI in Autonomous Driving

Dr. Ibrahim SOBH
Senior Expert in AI, Cairo, Egypt, LinkedIn Top Voice in AI

Dr. Ibrahim has 25 years of experience in the areas of AI and Software Development. He received his PhD in Deep Reinforcement Learning. His M.Sc. is in Machine Learning applied to automatic document summarization. Dr. Ibrahim has participated in several related national and international projects and conferences. He delivers training and lectures for academic and industrial entities. Ibrahim’s patents and publications are mainly in natural language processing, speech processing, and Computer vision. Currently, Ibrahim is a Senior Expert in AI, at Valeo Group.

Submission Instructions

Submission to the workshop follows the same procedures as for main conference papers. This workshop supports both ordinary and short paper submissions.  please select the specific Special Session name you are interested in the "additional questions" part of the submission. Please note that submission dates are the same as per the main conference schedule.